Crowd Funding and Affiliate Marketing Working Together


Phase I )

Become a BACKER

Help fund the vision.

Thanks for your generosity!
  • Share the vision with others!
  • Auto-filled downline.
  • 5% commission on 8 tiers every month.
  • Build the matrix while enrollment is very low.

See how $10 a month becomes $100!


Phase II )


Our backers become your backers.


Get started today!

  • Add your products or services.
  • Let our Affiliates buy and sell your products or services.
  • Get the funding you need for your project or business.
  • Change the world!

See how $100 a month becomes $1000!


About Affiliate Backers

Using new affiliate software we created an auto-fill matrix.

For the affiliate this means you will not have to recruit new members to build your down line, because we build it for you through our online marketing campaigns. We place new members under you.

We pay each affiliate backer equally at 5% for 8 tiers.

First you sign up for our online training for $10 a month.

Next you see commissions dripping steadily into your PayPal account.

You can make your affiliate tree grow faster by thinking of others who might resonate with our vision and want to become a Backer Affiliate.


Member Benefits

Affiliates are invited to enjoy our online training that corresponds to the Seven Levels of Well-Being:
Survival, Body, Mind, Spirit, Family, Community, Humanity.

Each retreat, workshop, training, product or service that you purchase or sell, earns commissions. When you click the Affiliate Signup button above we are committed to lift you out of: "Survival Mode."

About Adding Your Project

FUND is a crowd funding opportunity to help you fund your next project. Use your Merchant Website as your payment processor and see if it out-performs your kickstarter or indiegogo campaign.

We use affiliate software as the payment processor which labels each project owner as a "merchant", and each backer as an "affiliate."

We configure the commission structure to create wealth for both the project owner and the backer.

To start a project, sign up first as an "affiliate" and become a Project Backer. Experience the sense of community our members enjoy. Help us get the funds to create the savings pool for the building of Communities around the world.

Then get your own project going by signing up as a "merchant". Add your product or service. Everyone in our network will see what you offer and will become your affiliate backer by buying or selling your product or services.

The Benefits of Adding a Project

You will have access to the same affiliate software that we use.

You will have long-term affiliate marketing because our goals are long-term.

You will gain our affiliate backers for a life-time.


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