Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing maximizes the direct sales model by offering products and services to their direct sales team and awarding them for sharing them with others.This helps the business get word of mouth exposure while providing a source of income for each affiliate who makes a sale.

Crowd Funding with Affiliate Marketing uses the best of both worlds by allowing our crowd funding backers to turn around and promote our project to others by word of mouth.

Our Crowd Funding offers a product  as a pre-sale item and then uses the funds for the development of that product.

The Vision is to to create income for our backers as we also create income for our communities. 

Our Products and Services are designed with the least amount of overhead possible while also creating the greatest possible return for everyone involved. 

Affiliate Marketing - We have commissions built into the structure of every product and service we offer.  Our product line provides a wide variety of ideals to reach for. When you choose to market one or more of our products or services you have the rare opportunity to develop your life purpose and your career at the same time.  

If you are not yet familiar with our products and services we invite you to jump into the discussion at to learn more.

Direct Sales is the marketing and selling of products directly to consumers without the use of a fixed retail location. Modern direct selling includes sales made through the party plan, one-on-one demonstrations, and other personal contact arrangements as well as internet sales.

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