Pooling Profits

Utopian Binary BranchEach affiliate is plugged into our Affiliate Tree.

A percentage of every dollar goes to the trunk of the tree to fund Community Building around the world.


Building Eco-Cities

Building Eco-Cities will require capital, materials, land, expertise, labor and much more.

Our Business Model avoids bank loans whenever possible.

happinessYour purchases of our products and services and your leadership in organizing "hubs of consciousness" in your local area helps everyone to build the matrix quickly and get the funding they need.

You will continue to earn these funds permanently as long as affiliates remain in the matrix.

Our goal is to develop affiliates who will stay with us forever because we have helped to make them financially stable. We set each affiliate free from the overwhelming limitations of "survival mode." We empower each backer to contribute new and brilliant endeavors that will elevate the energy of the planet.

Those who would like to be involved in the design and building of Eco-Cities must be fully aware of our goals and vision first.  We achieve this through online training, youtube videos, teleconferences, parties, concerts and other means of communication.  

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