We Are Different

We hate MLMs too!  

The thing we don't like is MLM statistics and track records that show that only 5% of the direct sale affiliates in the world ever make a profit.  We have a plan and strategy to take the guess-work out of operating a successful  and profitable home business. 


Example - We use Post Affiliate Pro software to build our affiliate tree.

We build an affiliate tree automatically.  The following image shows how we build the tree of sub affiliates in a "two for each" matrix.  In this example, John wants to support us, and wants to share our exciting vision with everyone he knows.  He wants everyone to attend our seminars and wants the world to be uplifted by our message.  We programmed the affiliate software to fill in the matrix below John automatically.  

affiliate tree


We are very happy that John likes what we are doing, but we also want him to be able to join what we are doing.  To do that, John is going to need residual income that follows him wherever he goes.  So we create a matrix that pays him commissions for sharing the vision even thought he planned to share it anyway.

Then John realizes that he can help his friends and loved ones earn money because they can get paid commissions on their own purchases.  So he encourages them all to attend one or more of the online training programs and to try a product or two. John earns commissions and so do his friends and loved ones who are in his affiliate tree! 

We programmed the affiliate software to fill in the matrix below John automatically. And we chose not to set up any required quotas or dis-qualifiers that might squeeze out one of his friends. This ensures that those that he recruits will get paid too. 

John takes his spot in the matrix.  He recruits everyone in this example .  

The image shows how the software auto-builds his affiliate tree.

Mary and Kim were added as a direct affiliate of John.

John brought Eva and Max but they were added as sub affiliates of Mary because John already had two.

John brought Amy and Neil, but they were added to Kim's tree to make sure she had two under her.  

The matrix was built with John's efforts. John is a gifted conversationalist and he is compensated for all of his efforts just as agreed, but at the same time he helping to earn commissions for his friends and loved ones too!  Maybe this will get them excited enough to give him referrals.


Can't figure out how it works?  

It's not that hard.  

For every dollar we gain, we pay out 40% in commissions. But we divide the 40% into 8 portions of 5% each.  Then disperse it to you and those in your affiliate tree up to eight tiers deep.

John's matrix is eight levels deep.

That is a total of 254 people.
eight tiers




What will John do when his matrix is full?  

Anything he wants! 


Since John is so good at this, he can sign up again under his eighth level and start a new matrix.  

Or he can get on with his life and do something else with his giftedness.

To help the matrix continue to grow, and to help other projects receive plenty of funding, John might enroll again and again and encourage others to do the same.

He pays his $10 a month for each new spot he takes.  He can afford it!  His first spot brought in big rewards!  To this he will open a new email account for each enrollment.  John1@gmail, John2@gmail, John3@gmail, and so on.

See the Commission Structure of Phase I.
 enroll again




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